Site Not Configured

This is the default theme. If you are seeing this, then this site hasn't been completely configured yet.

Running Locally

You can run this application on your computer by download the files somewhere. Use terminal to get to the public/ directory and then type:

php -S localhost:8000


Each theme would have a main file and possible related files. Each theme could be set up differently. You could put CSS anywhere, but I would recommend css/<theme>.css.

Each theme should have its own directory in here:


Site Content

The minimum number of view files a site should have would be one. It should be named index.blade.php.

The site view files should be in:


You probably want other pages for the site. If you want a '/contact' page, create a contact.blade.php in the appropriate sites directory

Site-specific images: They can be put anywhere in the public directory. Maybe: